BeagleBone Black Board Dimensions


In the last months, I make some boards based on the BeagleBone Black board (three at this time!). In these projects, I only develop the hardware platform, the carrier board where it will be mounted. For the develop of this kind of boards, mechanical information provided by the manufacturer is very important, and enough in the most cases. In the case of the BeagleBone Black board, this info is included in the Reference Manual: BBB_SRM. But I don’t find some interesting distances that I need for my boards, so I take a board, I measure it and here are the results.

As a hadrware engineer, I always look for a complete specs of the devices with I work, to ensure that when the board is manufactured, all the components fits well. In the case of the BeagleBone board, the dimensions are well documented on pages 114 and 117 of the manual. But, if you see the board, you will notice that some components goes out of the board (Ethernet connector, External power supply connector or the micro-sd card, for example):beaglebone_blackI look in many sites to try to find these measures, but I haven’t find it. And, because I really need it, I take my caliber tool, a BeagleBone board and I start measured all the dimensions I need. First, I annotate in a paper, and after, I make the BeagleBone board as a component in Altium and then I put all the dimensions on it. I use four mechanical layers to do this, I don’t want to have all the measures in the same image, I think it could be a bit confused:

BeagleBone_Black_Dimensions_04 BeagleBone_Black_Dimensions_03 BeagleBone_Black_Dimensions_02 BeagleBone_Black_Dimensions_01Here  you can download a 4-page pdf file with all the dimensions that I measure. Also, if you’re interested in the Altium project, including the BeagleBone board component, please tell me and I’ll send you by mail.

One last thing: keep in mind that I take these distances by hand, so it’s possible that exists any inaccuracy on it, so use use it under your responsibility!!!

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9 thoughts on “BeagleBone Black Board Dimensions

          1. Łukasz Przeniosło

            I measured them mysalfe but I think they are not very precise. Do you plan on updating the drawing? I would then compare to mines and correct it if needed before I send the board for production. I would really aprichiate it.

          2. jechavarria Post author

            I’m sorry, but I will not update early…Basically because I haven’t a Beaglebone Board to meaure it 🙁 . The one I use to take the measures was a loan of a friend, and now he’s using it. Sorry for the incovenience!!

          3. Łukasz Przeniosło

            Hello again,
            Just wanted to say that I have measured the battery connector distance and sent the board to production. I got it here and BeagleBone Black fits great. Here are the dimensions basing on which you can add the battery connector to your drawing if you would like to. In the picture the board is flipped because I was doing a footprint for a motherboard that BeagleBone Black would cover from the top.


  1. Mike Andrews

    Thank you for this information, Jechavarria. Greatly appreciated. Łukasz, I’m afraid your battery measurements didn’t come thru. Take care.

    1. jechavarria Post author

      Hi Mike!

      I can’t test the measures that Łukasz send, if you have a more complete info about the battery connector, can you share with us?

      Best regards, Jesus

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