MicroSD adapter teardown

UPDATE: It seems that Adafruit’s people also like know how the things works!

Hi all! Yesterday I was at home and I’ve got on the table a MicroSD adapter. I know, and also imagine, that this kind of adapters are just a contact extension to fit the MicroSD contacts in the SD format. But I need to ‘confirm’ it, so I take the screwdriver to open it, and here’s the result:

This is the adapter that I’ll open and it never will be the same. Once is open, carefully for not break any part, I obtain the three parts that make up the adapter: two plastic covers and the contact extender.

The extender can be removed carefully from the back plastic, and has enough quality for this kind of pieces:

On the MicroSD part, the contacts are folded, and acts like a spring when the microSD is inserted on the adapter:

With this my curiosity is satisfied, at least until I find more things to open 😉

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One thought on “MicroSD adapter teardown

  1. zoomx

    One day one of my SD broke. So I found that it was not an SD but a microSD and an adapter closed in a SD case without the window that allow to remove the microSD.


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